Ludum Dare 40

Theme: The more you have, the worse it is

As this is my first LD entry, I didn't expect to get much done. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Fast Frontier is a slow-paced tank game in which you progress in a sidescrolling manner. Your goal as a tank commander is to advance a certain amount of meters and clear out everything in your way.  The catch is: the more bullets you have in stock, whe weaker they are. If you do yor job right, everybody can get home for christmas. Just don't lose to many men on the way.

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Known Bugs:

- Explosion Animation does not want to play anymore. It needs time to reconsider its life choices. (This usaually fixes itself. If not, restart)

Change log:

- Finally got to change the sound levels, hope it's better now.

- Edited typos in the tutorial/massages.

- Fixed broken airdrop request stuff.

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